Upcoming events

    • 09 Jul 2017
    • 06 Aug 2017
    • 3 sessions
    • T.B.A.

    Even if you don’t keep Kosher, this fun three-part series with Rabbi Sydney Danziger will answer all your burning questions about the Jewish dietary laws, from the frequently asked “what's the issue with eating chicken with milk?” to the more theoretical “would lab-grown meat be Kosher?” 

    During our first session, we will learn some of the basics about Kashrut, the laws behind kosher eating, and where they originated. 

    Our second session will deal with the modern movements of ethical and eco-Kashrut. 

    Our third and final session will explore some juicy topics around modern food production, such as GMO’s and lab-grown meats, and what impact they might have on the Kosher food world. For some added fun, we will be enjoying a pot luck brunch together and perhaps a group trip to the Ballard Farmer’s Market. 

    This series is free to partners and $15 for non-partners. We'll send out confirmation details before each of the three sessions with location details to those who register.

    • 31 Jul 2017
    • 8:00 PM (PDT)
    • Magnuson

    Tisha B'Av is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, commemorating the destruction of the Temple (twice - in 586 BCE by the Babylonians and in 70 CE by the Romans) and numerous other tragedies that have befallen our people throughout history, and also kicking off a period of introspection that leads us towards the High Holidays. 

    As the sun sinks below the sky and the 9th of Av begins, members of the Kavana and Moishe House communities will gather in Magnuson Park. The evening will begin with a short learning session and will continue with a reading of the biblical book of Eicha/Lamentations in a combination of Hebrew and English.

    • 03 Aug 2017
    • 5:00 PM (PDT)
    • Queen Anne Farmers Market

    Join fellow Kavana families with babies and toddlers at the Queen Anne Farmers Market! We'll gather around 5pm, buy dinner at one of the many food trucks, and enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. 

    • 11 Aug 2017
    • 5:30 PM (PDT)
    • RSVP for location

    Join Rabbi Rachel, Rabbi Sydney and musician Chava Mirel and other members of the Kavana community for this lovely summertime gathering -- a short but engaging and music-filled Shabbat service and catered communal meal at a beautiful park.  These gatherings are always well attended, and are a great way to get to know other members of the community, in a low-key and meaningful way.

    • 18 Aug 2017
    • 20 Aug 2017
    • North Cascades (near Concrete, RSVP for location details)
    This annual camping trip is geared towards everyone in the Kavana community -- kids and adults alike.  If you're newer to Kavana, or looking to get to know other members of the community that you might normally not cross paths with, then this is the trip for you! There will be a nice mix of scheduled meals and activities in addition to a lot of down time for games, hikes, s'mores, etc.   

    Some answers to our FAQ to help you determine if this trip would be up your alley:
    - Showers and restrooms are conveniently located near the group site. 
    - For those of you coming with kids, you might like to know that there's a playground near the group campsite, and this is a great park for riding bikes/scooters too. 
    - The group shelter even has electrical outlets, so technically you could bring a coffee-maker or other small appliance (although then we'd have to call it "glamping" rather than camping!).
    - We have reserved one cabin that currently has three open beds for anyone that might be interested. Please email Liz (info@kavana.org) for more details.

    • 06 Sep 2017
    • 9:00 AM (PDT)
    • 21 Jun 2018
    • 1:00 PM (PDT)
    • Kavana H.Q.

    Schedule & Location: The Gan runs from 9am - 1pm during the school year. Vacation days are mostly in sync with the Seattle Public Schools calendar and the Jewish calendar -- please reference the confirmation email for a list of dates that the Gan will not run during the school year. The program runs Monday - Friday (you pick which 3, 4, or 5 days work for you!).  This program takes place at Kavana H.Q. in Queen Anne.

    Tuition: The Gan meets from September to June.  Although different months may have more or fewer Gan days (based on vacation/holiday schedules), our annual tuition is broken into 10 equal monthly payments.  How much you pay will be based on how many days a week your child attends the Gan; the monthly partner rate is $178/day of the week, and the monthly non-partner rate is $200/day of the week (if paying by check). 

Past events

21 Jul 2017 Shabbat in the Park
16 Jul 2017 Baby & Toddler Play-Group Potluck Brunch
13 Jul 2017 Baby & Toddler Group Farmers Market Meet-Up
26 Jun 2017 Mini Camp
25 Jun 2017 Book Club - June
23 Jun 2017 Friday Night Shabbat Service
10 Jun 2017 Shabbat Morning Minyan - June
04 Jun 2017 Prep & Practice: End of Year Wrap Up
03 Jun 2017 Havdalah Club - June Session
30 May 2017 Shavuot Song Session
21 May 2017 Annual Partner Meeting
20 May 2017 Havdalah Club - May Session
19 May 2017 Friday Night Shabbat Service
13 May 2017 Shabbat Morning Minyan - May
07 May 2017 High School Program - May Session
07 May 2017 Anti-Semitism Workshop
06 May 2017 Musical Shabbat Morning Service/ Bar Mitzvah of Anton Angelov
02 May 2017 Disturbing the Peace: Film & Discussion
30 Apr 2017 Prep & Practice: Yom Haatzmaut & Yom Hazikaron
29 Apr 2017 Havdalah Club - April Session
24 Apr 2017 Changing the Narrative: Refugees and America, In honor of Yom HaShoah
23 Apr 2017 Kavana's Environmental Clean-Up Team Spring Event
23 Apr 2017 Book Club - April
15 Apr 2017 Shabbat Morning Minyan - April
10 Apr 2017 Communal Passover Seder
06 Apr 2017 Create Your Own Haggadah Workshop
02 Apr 2017 High School Program - April Session
02 Apr 2017 Prep & Practice: Pesach
30 Mar 2017 Navigating Turbulent Times as a Family: A Workshop for Parents
25 Mar 2017 Havdalah Club - March Session
24 Mar 2017 Friday Night Shabbat Service
18 Mar 2017 Shabbat Morning Minyan - March
12 Mar 2017 Purim Story & Sing-Along Session for Families w/ Young Kids
11 Mar 2017 Purim Megillah Reading
05 Mar 2017 High School Program - March Session
05 Mar 2017 Prep & Practice: Purim
26 Feb 2017 Love your Neighbor: Advocating for Religious Tolerance in Times of Crisis
25 Feb 2017 Havdalah Club - February Session
12 Feb 2017 Book Club - February
11 Feb 2017 Shabbat Morning Minyan - February
05 Feb 2017 High School Program - February Session
05 Feb 2017 Prep & Practice: Tu B'Shevat
29 Jan 2017 Post-Election Distress?: Mindfulness Practices to Cultivate Coping, Self-Encouragement, and Self-Compassion
22 Jan 2017 Environmental Beach Clean-Up
22 Jan 2017 Help Welcome Refugee Families with JFS
21 Jan 2017 Solidarity Havdalah
21 Jan 2017 Lobbyist Training followed by a community Havdalah
21 Jan 2017 Havdalah Club - January Session
21 Jan 2017 Women's March
21 Jan 2017 Shabbat Morning Minyan - January
08 Jan 2017 High School Program - January Session
01 Jan 2017 Chanukah on Ice
18 Dec 2016 Prep & Practice: Chanukah
17 Dec 2016 Shabbat Morning Minyan - December
10 Dec 2016 Havdalah Club - December Session
04 Dec 2016 High School Program - December Session
20 Nov 2016 Prep & Practice: Shabbat
20 Nov 2016 Book Club - Nov.
19 Nov 2016 Havdalah Club - November Session
19 Nov 2016 Shabbat Morning Minyan - November
06 Nov 2016 High School Program - November Session
25 Oct 2016 Middle School Program
24 Oct 2016 Moadon Yeladim
23 Oct 2016 Sukkot Gleaning Project
15 Oct 2016 Havdalah Club - October Session
02 Oct 2016 High Holidays
26 Sep 2016 Pre High Holiday Writing Workshop
25 Sep 2016 Book Club
25 Sep 2016 Prep & Practice: Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur
24 Sep 2016 Selichot Meditation Workshop
17 Sep 2016 Havdalah Club - September Session
17 Sep 2016 Shabbat Morning Minyan
11 Sep 2016 10th Anniversary Celebration
07 Sep 2016 Gan Kavana
01 Sep 2016 2016-2017 School Program Contact Form
22 Aug 2016 Weekly Meditation Group
21 Aug 2016 Baby & Toddler Play-Group Hike
19 Aug 2016 Annual Camping Trip
13 Aug 2016 Tisha B'Av: Seudah Shlishit
29 Jul 2016 Shabbat in the Park
08 Jul 2016 Shabbat in the Park
24 Jun 2016 Summer Kick-Off Picnic
12 Feb 2016 Communal Shabbat Dinner

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